Amazon's AI plans to replace stylists and designers


Nowadays, it is possible to find Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanisms everywhere. More specifically, that which is called weak Artificial Intelligence, that is, an AI form developed with the purpose of executing a specific action in order to be applied in several areas.

Amazon also decided to enter this field of AI to try to improve its position in the fashion industry, being determined to change its strategy. The goal is to replace stylists and designers with advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Follow the latest trends

A large number of researchers in the field of computer science and e-commerce are working together to develop Machine-Learnig systems capable of providing feedback to consumers as to the various styles used in their day-to-day lives. In this way, Amazon will be able to collect various data that, when combined, will be able to improve its ability to follow the latest fashions and expand the business in the area.

Numerous retailers already use the most popular photo-based social networks, such as Instagam or Pinterest, to stay current on consumer choices. They are able to act quickly and effectively to make recommendations based on users' preferences and their activity on social networks.

But Amazon intends to go further. The Echo Look application will be able to give an opinion on the clothes and style chosen for a given day.

Two major projects of Artificial Intelligence

The company intends to use several specific algorithms to be able to go even further. A group of Israeli researchers working for Amazon are developing powerful Machine-Learning systems capable of analyzing patterns and images stamped on shirts and then determining if the style used meets the latest trends.

However, Amazon's algorithmic study does not stop here. An Amazon research center in San Francisco has developed an algorithm that is able to learn about a certain style of images used in jerseys and, from there, generate new images within the same style. This unique design uses state-of-the-art technology that consists of using two artificial neural networks capable of capturing the fundamental characteristics of the various examples provided and then applying the same style to other original images.

These two ambitious projects were revealed by Amazon at an event organized by the company. The event brought together a number of researchers who are exploring new ways for computers to be able to understand new trends in fashion.


All this investment in artificial intelligence in fashion is still in a phase of growth. Stylists and designers are still needed to complete all sorts of tasks. But as research advances humans will certainly be replaced by the mechanisms that are currently being developed. Only time will tell but we are possibly walking towards a place where human labor will give way to new intelligent machines.

Source: Pplware