"Teleportation" of particles in water can create form of communication impossible to hack

Sapo Tek

Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University have been able to transmit "tangled" particles of light through three meters of seawater in a kind of teleportation, something never done before.

The study, published recently by scientists, indicates that they were able to make the particles travel three meters of salty water in a virtually undetectable way, a step that could pave the way for a form of communication almost impossible to hack.

The experiment was carried out in an isolated environment and still does not guarantee anything new, but it could be the beginning of the quantum internet solution - the smallest physical value that something can present - that has long been said that may be the ideal solution for our that planet that is, mostly, covered with sea water.

In a way, this process can be seen as a kind of teleportation of matter that is done through an extremely complex process (for now). In order to ensure the success of these communications, it is necessary to use a laser that must be fired through an optical crystal to create "tangled" (or entangled) photons.

The researchers are also going to be able to extend the range of the three meters already achieved to at least 900 meters away.

Source: Sapo Tek